Cloud Computing With Pat Helland

I recently had a conversation with Pat Helland on the ASPNETPodcast (link here).  It was a real treat for me for the simple fact that Pat is very easy to talk with.  But, he has been involved in some really interesting projects over his career which gives him [in my opinion] a unique perspective to discuss cloud computing and other related technologies.

One of the big questions that I think people have is "How will I use this 'cloud' in my day to day programming?" - perhaps other related questions but that is the crux of the issue.  Really - just writing an app, uploading it into Azure and just "getting it to work" hardly encompasses the true virtual computing environment that cloud computing offers.  There should be...wait...will be a complete architectural shift in the way programs are designed.  As long as the cloud computing vendors are able to truly manage process separation, I think the progressions will be smoother.  On the podcast we talk about cloud computing from a somewhat general perspective, discussing infrastructure requirements to programming to security.  I hope that you enjoy the podcast as much as I enjoyed discussing the subject with Pat.

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