in.telligent Conference 2008

This week Telligent hosted in.telligent 2008.  It was a great success, and I am glad to have met so many people that are interested and dedicated to the idea that social networking software is a major business driver.  I was able to meet many of our customers, partners, and even several people that I had only previously met on Twitter.

On Tuesday, I spoke on How to Scale Community Server.  I focused on several aspects of server setup and maintenance, database (server) setup, database (file and internal) maintenance.  From there I talked about several areas in Community Server that should be considered from a performance standpoint.  I also gave some indications about what are our future holds in terms of performance.  Did you hear about memcached in the presentation?  I hope so :)


  1. Dennis Stout Says:

    It was good to meet you David. I will look forward to seeing all the documentation on memcached. :)

  2. David L. Penton Says:


    It was great meeting you too :) I am excited about memcached and just want to pass that excitement on to everyone else :)



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