My Last Day At Telligent

I started at Telligent on 14 August 2006 with much determination. It was the third time that Rob Howard & Jason Alexander spoke to me about coming to Telligent. I was reluctant, mostly because I had no idea what Telligent was really about. It didn’t take long for me to integrate with the culture, add some culture here and there. Lots of things have happened, Telligent has gone through many changes, but Telligent is still strong.

Telligent will continue to be strong.
The technology that we work on is by all estimations one of the largest game changers in our time. The people in our employ are some of the best and brightest in technology. I am proud to have worked with each and every one of them.
Mentoring the interns, growing Harvest Reporting Server (now Telligent Analytics) into a version 1 product, shaping GraffitiCMS into multiple databases/support of Mono, performance from MSDN to Dell to the thread safety of our codebase, achieving well over 200% improvement in performance…so many things that I am proud to say are lasting achievements for the Product Development Team.
Friday 21 May 2010 is my last day at Telligent. I am venturing forward as an independent consultant, focusing on .Net and data performance (caching, sql & alternatives). I am looking into releasing some focused products as well.
I would not characterize my last 4 years here as “spending time” but as dedicating experience and gaining with much enthusiasm lifelong friends. I am absolutely proud to be a Telligenti.


  1. Ric Castagna Says:

    Good luck, David! I'm sure whatever lies ahead for you will be both challenging and ground-breaking!

  2. Randy Says:

    Dave, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the things I learned from you in our time together at Telligent. The environment & culture that we had there will be the one by which we judge all future jobs, I'm sure.

    Best of luck on your venture into the vast unknown.

  3. Rick Reszler Says:

    Good luck David, I have learned a lot from working with you and Telligent will not be the same without you!

  4. Brian Sullivan Says:

    Best of luck, David!

  5. Nicole Keith Says:

    Nice use of words. I am sure you'll do well with whatever you choose. Hopefully I'll catch you later ;)

  6. Scott Wilson Says:

    Hey Dave,

    Just want to wish you the best in your future, it was great working with you and learning from you while at Telligent. No matter where you end up, you're sure to be one of the most respected - not just because of what you do, but with the integrity in which you do it. Good luck!

  7. Alex Crome Says:

    I'd like to say thank you for all the help and guidance you've given me over the past year and a bit which has taught me a lot. Best of luck with your future career path.

  8. Carl Yankowski Says:

    Thank you for your contributions, David, and very thoughtful words. Appreciate it.

    Best to you!


  9. Sean Baugh Says:

    David -

    You are truly one of the most enjoyable and talented people I have ever had the chance to work with. Remember your first week at Telligent?? Remember the email?? hahaha. I'll never forget that!

    Your friendship over the past five years has meant a lot!

    I hope the people at Telligent know what a huge loss this is - - and I know you will be incredibly successful.

    Good luck!


  10. Robert Chartier Says:


    Telligent may continue strong, but they have lost a true leader.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


  11. Dave Burke Says:


    I barely knew you during my brief time at Telligent, but you impressed me immediately with how knowledgeable and generous you were in sharing that knowledge with others.

    Best wishes,


  12. David L. Penton Says:

    @Ric - Thank you sir!

    @Randy - Our discussions here were some of my most memorable. I'm sure we'll have more in the future.

    @Rick - Keep up your server knowledge. You've come a long way too sir!

    @Brian - Thank you sir!

    @Nicole - We'll get a group together for lunch soon!

    @ScottWi - I really appreciate that.

    @Alex - If you are every in the U.S. be sure to look me up!

    @Carl - It has been an honor and privilege to work here. I appreciate your kind words.

  13. Michael K. Campbell Says:


    That's exciting. While I'm sure you enjoyed working at Telligent and will miss the folks there, you're going to love working as a consultant - it's a great way to help people in a wide range of circumstances. Feel free to ping me some day if you ever want to 'talk shop' etc.



  14. Ken Robertson Says:

    Was truly a pleasure working with you! Best of luck and please blog more! Sheesh, you almost made it a year.

    You should start posting your daily motivational quotes to Twitter instead of the intranet site... I missed them this week. :)


  15. Brian Long Says:

    It's been an honor working with you David - I sincerely hope our paths cross again! Your wit and humor will be greatly missed in the office - not to mention all those brains. ;-)

  16. Courtney Wiley Says:

    I'm sure you will be missed, dear friend. You are not only a dynamite developer, but you are a fantab mentor and team builder as well. I expect to see great things from you in the future. When you hit the lottery, don't forget the little people! :)

  17. Terri Morton Says:

    Loved working with you while I was at Telligent, but hey, our friendship started before Telligent and am sure it will continue well after Telligent. You are one of a kind (and I mean that in a good way), and I wish you much success in your new endeavor!

  18. Brian Says:

    Now you'll have some time to bring the bike down to the hill country for some rides :)

  19. Scott Dockendorf Says:

    Congratulations, David. Words can not express my appreciation, having the opportunity to work with you at Telligent. It was an absolute pleasure. You went out of your way to teach, mentor and help us succeed. On a personal note, I enjoyed getting to know you, more than our early days with the DGC. Best wishes to you on your future endeavors. You will absolutely be missed!

  20. Todd Wolff Says:

    Congratulations Sir. I know that you will be successful at whatever you set your mind too. You were always willing to take the time to work through issues with me even if you were busy. I really appreciate you taking the time for me.

    I am sure that we will work together again some day.

    Take care and good luck with your endevours.

  21. Todd Wolff Says:

    Congratulations Sir. I know that you will be successful at whatever you set your mind too. You were always willing to take the time to work through issues with me even if you were busy. I really appreciate you taking the time for me.

    I am sure that we will work together again some day.

    Take care and good luck with your endeavors.

  22. Ben Gillis Says:

    They're losing good talent.

    Best wishes.

  23. Sajid Says:

    Best of luck David. I look forward to seeing your new products.

  24. Tom Edwards Says:

    Congratulations David. The work that we all put into Telligent in the early days years 1-4 was an incredible ride. The team was close, we had a great time, rode the wave of social computing and built some truly amazing partnerships with Microsoft & EA as well as products with the evolution of CS, Harvest, Graffiti & Evolution. As all organizations reach certain thresholds change is inevitable. I don't agree with the concept of imploding the core to rebuild but rather enhance and embrace what made you succesful in the first place while also acknowledging changes in usage patterns throughout the industry and how organizations are embracing social. Consumer networks vs. branded social and the integration of this combined with analytics is how Telligent can continue to be strong. Also the loss of true thought leadership within the industry (outside of Rob H.), battling becoming a commodity, and the rise of hungry competitors pose serious challenges for Telligent moving forward. The lone bright spot is the performance of it's UK branch (Great job Steve) as the adoption curve in certain international markets is cycling similar to pre-2008 in certain areas. I wish them well but it will not be easy to maintain/regain it's position in the market.

  25. Stephen Swienton Says:

    Wow - I'm soo out of the loop these days. I think Rob may be my last friend remaining at Telligent? How things have changed in 2 years. Best of luck to you in your new endeavor, although not needed with your mad DB skillz :)

  26. Adnan Faisal Says:

    I don't who is he, but he must be a great friend who have been missing from all. Stay Blessed

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