Google Chrome Multi Monitor Support

I like Google Chrome.  I really do. Very fast startup. Very fast page load times.  But there is something that just annoys me to no end and has been an issue for me from day #1 with Chrome.

Chrome dos NOT behave well in a multi-monitor, multi-resolution environment.  It looks like this.  Note how none of the options are available - the far upper right is off the screen.  Why?  It seems that Chrome only checks the screen resolution for the primary monitor (the LEFT monitor in this case).  My resolutions on that computer (my laptop) are L:1440x900, R: 1280x1024

I have sent this error/bug/misbehavin' report ever since the initial release of Chrome.  Will this bug EVER make it to the top of the list?  Is this error/bug/misbehavin' item even on a list?

[ UPDATE 22 May 2009 ]

Google Chrome team - thanks for listening!!!  They FINALLY updated Chrome to fix this inconsistency!!! Kudos to the Chrome team!!!


  1. Karthik Says:

    I'm not having that issue, and I'm running a 1400x900 monitor and a 1280x1024. Same as you. Except I'm running Vista 64. Are you running the latest beta of Ultramon?

  2. David L. Penton Says:

    Chrome maximizes properly when Ultramon is shut off, but looking at other threads (ala suggests that it is still a problem with Chrome and that the dev channel (dev branches for Chrome) have fixes for that.

    Chrome issue FTL I still say.

  3. David L. Penton Says:

    Oh...and yes I am running the latest beta of Ultramon.

  4. Marc Brooks Says:

    I recommend using WinSplit Revolution instead of Ultramon. Works great with Chrome

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