CodeCampRDU 15 Nov 2008 - My Thoughts

I traveled to Raleigh, NC for CodeCampRDU this weekend.  This was my second code camp, and I did my best to use fewer slides that my first code camp presentation. :) I spoke about HttpRuntime Cache and methods to ensure saving/loading data into cache is threadsafe.  I had fewer people attend this talk this time, but wow, there were some good questions and the enthusiasm out of the attendees was admirable.  Now...for the Open Spaces conversations.  I attended the "Agile" and the "Estimation" discussions, and I think everyone in the "circle" contributed something.  It was quite apparent that there were various skill levels (based on the topics) and exposure.  Of course, I did have some opinions to share, and hopefully my opinions were well received, as I have certainly been contemplating the other points made by other people in the group.

My hat's off to Dugald Wilson, Chris Love, and everyone else involved in the preparations for this event.  Also, the speaker dinner was great. :)

All in all, I had an awesome time doing this and would do it again in a heartbeat.


  1. Bill Robertson Says:

    There is another code camp being held in Central Penn, December 6th if you would like to attend.

  2. David L. Penton Says:

    Thanks Bill for the reminder. If I didn't have prior commitments, I'd be there. I'll call you and let you know the status of that everyday between now and then. :)

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