Code Camp 2008.3 Presentation and Code

I blogged about presenting at the Code Camp a couple of months ago.  This past weekend I went to Philadelphia, PA to participate in the Code Camp 2008.3.  I had such a great time there, meeting many of the other presenters and attendees.  In my talk, there were some great points that were brought up and lots of great questions as well.  I know that I'd be happy to participate in another Code Camp.

As for my slides and code: Increasing Developer Productivity With SQL Server.  No, I haven't changed the name :) but I did update several of the areas in the presentation based upon some of the feedback given from some of the attendees.  There were two code examples that I did not get to discuss in the presentation.  I have included them in the zip file and added some comments to describe that points I wanted to make in those examples.

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