Reflections on NotAtPDC

This last week was exciting in many ways.  Last Sunday night (26 Oct) there was quite a bit of chatter on Twitter about Microsoft PDC.  This is a great thing for PDC - free publicity!  But, there were of course many people that were "Not At PDC" - and were talking about it.  So much so that myself, Rachel Appel, Chris Love and Steve Andrews all started planning NotAtPDC.  Within 48 hours (Tuesday night), we were hosting conferences over LiveMeeting. In fact, I spoke on Increasing Developer Productivity with SQL Server.  On Wednesday, the number of topics were doubled.  Thursday saw a total of 13 presentations!  We all felt this was a wild success and are looking forward to planning this type of event more often.  We feel that this type of virtual event, with more planning and more reach we could host quality events such as PDC all virtually.  People from all over the world could participate (and it was rumored that we at least had one person in Europe (Germany perhaps?) participate in NotAtPDC!).

I was glad to participate in NotAtPDC and hope that there will be many more conferences like this in the future.


  1. Rob Bazinet Says:

    I really liked NotAtPDC, it was pulled together very quickly and the topics and presentations were top-notch. I watched a few of the sessions to see how smooth they went and wished I could have seen more.

    If this continues I would be interested in presenting myself, please keep me in mind.

  2. David L. Penton Says:


    Thanks for the compliments! Next time we'll have some improved methods for speaker submissions and will certainly make a call for speakers well in advance of the virtual conference.



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